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Simple and handy overview of applications shortcuts.
Easy to use, just press twice and hold to see the list.

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Version History


April 2024

  • fixed issue with non working "power" button in Settings under certain conditions
  • fixed issue with not properly loading translation for macOS hotkeys in older macOS causing not display hotkeys completely
  • improved import/export of "My Shortcuts", now preserve shortcut groups order
  • improved settings ui
  • added multi monitor support #49
  • added link for "Extensions page" at "My Shortcuts" #67 (display missing shortcuts for apps and more)
  • added "Bookmarked" group #68
  • added "Collapsible" groups #69
  • moved filtering shortcuts functionality to "Experimental Features" as not stable enough


March 2024

  • fixed issue with focus Settings after updating My Shortcuts
  • fixed issue with highlight
  • enhance ui, finally lineup shortcuts
  • added possibility to list macOS Keyboard Shortcuts (Integrations section)


March 2024

  • fixed issue #59 with activation hotkeys
  • fixed issue #60 with fallback to desktop after close panel
  • fixed issue #61 with highlighting option
  • improved skhd parsing, sorting order
  • improved ui


March 2024

  • fixed issue with parser of skhd format
  • enhanced ui: now skhd sections always displayed in alphabetical order


March 2024

  • fixed issue with apps without bundle identifier
  • fixed issue with conditions to activate Shortcuts & Persistent Panel, less accidental activation
  • fixed issue with skhd files, now checking all default locations
  • improved ui: background color tweaked for a smoother experience for macOS < 13
  • added possibility to show only skhd hotkeys with `--toggle-panel` cli param (experimental feature)


February 2024

  • fixed bug with Shortcuts Panel being showed briefly if called from status menu bar or via cli
  • fixed issue of incorrect targeting KeyClu as active app
  • fixed issue with forced request of Notification Permission
  • improved app stability and performance
  • added option to show/hide My Shortcuts (Settings -> Integrations)
  • added option to show/hide skhd shortcuts (Settings -> Integrations), more details on wiki page
  • added possibility to export App's menu item shortcuts to Markdown file via button M on the bottom right of Command bar
  • removed feature to access Settings via tapping 3x control key when App icon is hidden


February 2024

  • fixed filtering field issues (might be not all)
  • fixed app stability and performance issues
  • changed menu item actions to be accessible with a simple tap on the "menu" (bookmark) icon
  • enhanced accessibility privileges verification
  • added possibility to close Persistent Panel with pressing ⎋ key
  • added silent launch and quit options for the app
  • removed gap for Persistent Panel when aligned to the left or right


February 2024

  • fixed app crashes on certain conditions
  • added filtering functionality for menu items, available when Show credits line is enabled in Window Presets (not available in Persistent Panel)
  • improved permission checks in General Presets


January 2024

  • fixed issue with clicking on the shortcut empty space
  • enhanced the key capture mechanism to minimize unintended Shortcuts Panel activations
  • implemented shortcut highlighting for enhanced user experience when modifier keys are pressed
  • implemented configurable option to allow dismiss Shortcuts Panel by releasing all modifier keys or pressing any non-modifier key
  • changed App icon
  • changed behavior of the Shortcuts Panel, now it closes when clicking on a menu item


December 2023

  • fixed issue with F keys (F13 to F20)
  • added possibility to control Shortcut Panel width and height
  • added possibility to control Persistent Panel width, height and position (to control position pick "desired" option in Window Settings)


November 2023

  • small cosmetic update for macOS 11
  • update UI wording and phrases
  • improve performance


October 2023

  • fixed a bug that occurred when attempting to edit two columns simultaneously
  • fixed a bug that was causing not all menu elements to be displayed
  • fixed a bug that prevent menu element to be hovered properly
  • fixed a bug with incorrect scroll bar height calculation for Persistent Panel
  • added the option to adjust the delay to support Sticky Keys (Settings -> Advanced)
  • introduced a new feature for grouping in "My Shortcuts"
  • improved the title editing experience for "My Shortcuts" (now with double click/tap)
  • improved the format of the exported file, making it more human-readable


October 2023

  • added the capability to switch displaying and bookmarking status of all Custom Shortcuts by clicking table column
  • added a notification to indicate the success or failure of the import process
  • improved the performance
  • improved sending process of user defined Shortcuts
  • improved the distribution and filled the columns more evenly
  • introduced a custom file extension for import/export Custom Shortcuts files


October 2023

Warning: this release contains experimental feature Registering Custom Shortcuts
  • fixed typo in English spelling
  • fixed Hide Shortcut Panel behaviour when App is not paused
  • fixed vertical layout in macOS 12
  • added possibility to disable trigger for Persistent Panel
  • added possibility to Registering Custom Shortcuts
  • improved performance
  • removed button for Login Items in macOS 11 & 12, as can not open proper place


September 2023

  • fixed crash when pause and toggle hide/show menu bar icon
  • added opening Settings Window when opening app while it is running, for people who hide menu bar icon
  • added possibility to show app icon
  • improved Setting Window view
  • changed behaviour of `--show-shortcuts` param from *show* to *toggle* when app is paused


September 2023

  • fixed issue with hiding persistent panel when focused
  • improved work with multi-monitor environment
  • added integration with CustomShortcuts to customize shortcuts
  • added possibility to pause/resume app
  • added possibility to toggle Shortcuts panel from menu
  • added possibility to toggle Persistent panel from menu
  • updated Settings window to modern look
  • updated app icon, thanks to wanwindwalker


August 2023

  • fixed bug which might lead to crash in macOS 14
  • changed accessing Settings window shortcut key, from pressing (cmd) 3 times to (ctrl) 3 times
  • added persistent panel (basic), toggle it by pressing (cmd) 3 times
  • added support skhd with command line params
  • added possibility to trigger show shortcuts panel by passing param to binary *
    • --show-shortcuts
    * It's important to note: due to workflow, there's a deliberate delay of 0.5 seconds before the window appears.
  • added possibility to toggle persistent panel by passing param to binary
    • --toggle-persistent
  • improved handling of activation key(s)
  • improved bookmark targeting
  • improved symbols looks


August 2023

  • fix issue when some keys was not shown
  • fix issue when menu element was not shown if title was empty, for example in firefox (bug?), whatsapp (hidden menu?)
  • fix issue when menu group was shown even if no submenu elements left to present
  • added option to choose preferred scheme to display
  • added option to limit amount of elements for browsers
  • added option to truncate long menu titles
  • improved performance
  • minor interface improvements


August 2023

  • fix issue with icon in Settings in macOS 11 & 12
  • fix issue with hover effect on elements in macOS 11 & 12
  • fix issue with possible crash when list of shortcuts is too small
  • added hide/show shortcuts locally and globally feature (right click element to pick action)
  • added bookmarks to shortcuts feature
  • added settings to show/hide bookmarked and user-hidden elements
  • added legends to preview window in Settings
  • added images to help user grant permission
  • known issue: no horizontal line present when credits are shown in macOS 14


July 2023

  • fixed issue with autoupdater
  • fixed issue with incorrect activation key behaviour
  • improving look, allow to hide credits
  • add activation key for Settings when menubar icon is hidden (quickly press ⌘ 3 times)


July 2023

  • fixed shortcuts with non standard keys (umlauts etc)
  • added other way to activate shortcut list
  • added possibility to hide icon in menubar
  • added autoupdater
  • improved views and scrolls


July 2023

  • fixed issue for displays with larger texts
  • added possibility to set delay for shortcuts list to appear
  • fixed issue with showing empty (duplicate) menus


July 2023

  • improved support macOS Sonoma (14)
  • updated symbols look for better experience (+, -, *, delete, backspace)


July 2023

  • Lower requirements down to macOS 11
  • Better handling of shortcuts
  • Allow to change font size


June 2023

Initial Release