overview of all shortcuts

Download on GitHub  + Intel macOS 11 or later

Simple and handy overview of applications shortcuts.
Easy to use, just press twice and hold to see the list.

Inactive elements is dimmed, shortcuts can be displayed on the right or left, and you can change the font size and number of columns.

Features a clean and intuitive interface that ensures a seamless user experience.

Designed to good look both at day and night.

Register your own shortcuts so it would be always near your hands.

Limitations and known issues

  • May not display every shortcuts that applications are programmed to respond to, if those are not listed in the app's menu
  • May display extra shortcuts that the app doesn't display, if those are hidden in the app's menu
  • May have difficulty handling or displaying menus that are represented by icons or images
  • May have difficulty handling or displaying hidden app's menu items

KeyClu is released under the BSD-3-Clause-Clear license

KeyClu is a free download on GitHub

Install with Brew

brew install --cask keyclu

Version History


April 2024

  • fixed issue with non working "power" button in Settings under certain conditions
  • fixed issue with not properly loading translation for macOS hotkeys in older macOS causing not display hotkeys completely
  • improved import/export of "My Shortcuts", now preserve shortcut groups order
  • improved settings ui
  • added multi monitor support #49
  • added link for "Extensions page" at "My Shortcuts" #67 (display missing shortcuts for apps and more)
  • added "Bookmarked" group #68
  • added "Collapsible" groups #69
  • moved filtering shortcuts functionality to "Experimental Features" as not stable enough